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Download Gratis Game Virtual Villagers 2 The Lost Childern

Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children, or just Virtual Villagers 2, is the second installment of the Virtual Villagers series. A group of villagers are building a new settlement on the western side of Isola. The unknown side of the island was discovered when two villagers entered a dark cave. They fell down a waterfall, and met four orphaned children. There are 16 puzzles, like in Virtual Villagers: A New Home. The puzzles technologies, and island events are completely different, making for a very different game.

CollectiblesEdit Collectibles section

Children have a bigger role in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children. Children can now pick up collectibles, which is a fun, though optional, part of the game.

StewsEdit Stews section

Villagers can make stews in this game. Some have to be used to complete puzzles, sow can make your villagers very sick...

System Reqierments

Windows System Requirements Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7 Processor: 500MHZ or faster 96 MB of RAM DirectX 7.0 or later Download size: 30MB

Mac System Requirements Mac OS X 10.2 or later 96 MB of RAM 32 MB of VRAM 256 MB of RAM (768 MB for iBook or G4 iMac) Download size: 30MB


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